Mipim Cannes

Welcome to MIPIM Cannes 2023! As you plan your trip to this year’s event, we want to ensure that your transportation needs are taken care of. We offer a wide range of car services option, including Confort, first class and VIP cars. Taxis are not a convenient neither an affordable option for getting around Cannes. Our fleet of luxury cars and professional english speaking drivers are available 24/7 and can take you anywhere you need to go. Whether you’re traveling to and from the event or exploring the city, a private driver is the perfect way to get around.Limousines are a luxurious option for those looking to have hassle free. Our fleet of limousines includes top-of-the-line vehicles such as GLS 600 MAYBACH, S Class MAYBACH. But we also provide economic rides with our sedan mercedes E class style if you are looking for a taxi price option. Whether you’re attending a meeting or a networking event, a limousine is the perfect way to arrive in style.For larger groups or those looking for a more exclusive experience, we also offer ground transportation. Our fleet of buses and vans can accommodate groups of any size and can take you anywhere you need to go.No matter what your transportation needs are, we have the perfect option for you. Contact us today to book your transportation and make the most out of your MIPIM Cannes experience.