Mercedes GLS600 MAYBACH

In May 2022 French Riviera Limousine was the first chauffeur service in Europe providing the Mercedes GLS 600 MAYBACH to his clientele in France. As the preferred chauffeur service we provide the best service but also the best luxury cars on the market. Our competitors are really upset after us because we beat them in terms of price and service. But it is ok enjoy this top of the line luxury Maybach for your own pleasure.

The Mercedes GLS600 Maybach is a luxury SUV that offers a chauffeur service experience. It features a spacious and elegant interior with premium materials and advanced technology. The vehicle is equipped with comfortable seating arrangements, large windows, and a high-end audio system, creating a relaxing atmosphere for passengers. The advanced safety features, including lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking, provide peace of mind during travel. With a powerful engine, smooth handling, and a refined suspension system, the Mercedes GLS 600 MAYBACH offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Additionally, the experienced chauffeur will ensure a safe, efficient, and enjoyable journey.

Why ride in Mercedes GLS600 Maybach

For many reasons you should ride in Mercedes GLS600 MAYBACH. Spending 100k$ in private jet ? Then you have to ride in style for only 200 Euros per hour.Flying private jet to Cannes Mandelieu private airport to attend Cannes Film Festival. Being invited to land in Signature private terminal aviation in Nice Airport to visit Monaco for the Formula 1 Grand prix. You better book a Maybach than ride in local taxis or simply book a cheap car service. Are you going to call a Uber while flying in private jet ? no way. Enjoy this pure beauty, this top of the line luxury SUV. And let our security drivers drive you safe to your hotels while enjoying the ride in Mercedes GLS600 MAYBACH.